EDSA 3 and Iglesia Ni Cristo

... Hours before the rampage, Arroyo had appealed to INC leaders, who
ordered their members to pull out of Edsa and return home. Many
stayed, anyway. When the melee was over, four protesters were killed,
three of them members of the INC; 113 were injured, including many
church members...
Iglesia Ni Cristo - Church at the Crossroads (29-30 APRIL 2002)

... One member of the INC told CNN that followers
are being encouraged to join the pro-Estrada demonstrations...
Estrada transfer cleared as protests continue - April 27, 2001

 "There was a [church] circular ordering us to go to EDSA,"
- a member of the Iglesia ni Cristo
Mob Power - MAY 11, 2001 VOL.27 NO.18

According to Armando Doronila's The Fall of Joseph Estrada: The Inside Story,
– as well as local newspaper reports such as the May 7, 2001
issue of Philippine Daily Inquirer, Manalo was reportedly involved
in a rebellion plot against the Philippine government under Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in EDSA III
- Doronila, Armando; The Fall of Joseph
Estrada: The Inside Story, (ISBN 971-27-1154-4; pages 226-227)

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Iglesia Ni Cristo

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