Religious Bigotry of Iglesia Ni Cristo

Iglesia Ni Cristo

I have friends and relatives that are Iglesia Ni Cristo members. I do not admire their characters. Some of them are good and some of them are bad. Browsing in the internet will also frustrate you that Iglesia Ni Cristo members are really rude in attacking other religions. INC members will always slap you in the face (figuratively) that ONLY INC members will be lucky enough to go in heaven. All Catholics, Protestants, Muslims and other religion or no religion of almost 7billion world population will all go to hell. Less than 1 million INC members (mostly Filipinos) will all be saved. It's also worth noticing that some INC members are also murderers and rapists. Smoking cigarettes and drinking beer is also allowed in Iglesia Ni Cristo. INC is also heavily involved in Philippine politics. I seriously doubt that ONLY INC members will sent to heaven and all of he rest of the world will burn in hell. Religious block voting is part of the main doctrine of INC that attracts Filipino politicians every election. Excommunication will be given to all INC members who will not follow the dictate of the INC minister. I don't think that all who did not voted Danding Cojuangco in 1992 will go to hell. (INC supported Danding in 1992, but lost) I don't think that your ticket to heaven is depending to whom you should vote in elections.

"Do not do unto others what you do not want others do unto you"

The prejudice of Iglesia Ni Cristo to other religions is crystal clear. INC sometimes demand respect for their beliefs. That is acceptable AS LONG AS THEY RESPECT OTHER PEOPLE's BELIEFS also. The dirty mouth of INC bloggers are very annoying in the internet. They would attack and malign other people just to defend the crumbling image of Iglesia Ni Cristo and it's Executive Ministers. These rotten INC members are pushing people to hate Iglesia Ni Cristo even more. For example, some INC members murder people as reported in local newspapers. Knowing that your relatives or friends have been killed by INC members will leave you thinking and probably hating INC as a whole. I am not promoting hatred here but just stating reality. I am also a witness on how INC members malign other people and destroy lives. I am also a witness how INC members treat their relatives and friends that are not INC members. I am also a witness on how INC members killed people and leaving us hating INC even more.

I still greet and mingle with my INC friends and relatives BUT with some space. In INC member's eyes, we are all destined to burn in hell. I am hoping that we can help these INC members that were fooled by their cult group. I suggest everyone to open their eyes and have a broader mind in dealing with INC members. Patience and understanding are needed to maintain relationship with them. You cannot even marry INC member without joining Iglesia Ni Cristo. Once joining INC, you cannot also freely vote the politician that you believe that can change the Filipino nation. All politicians to be voted must be dictated by INC ministers. By violating the unity of INC in elections, you are endangering your soul to hell and putting yourself as a candidate for church expulsion. Yes, I know. That is quite hard to understand for all of us who are not INC members. Lets us just respect the political decision of INC AS LONG AS THEY RESPECT OTHER PEOPLE's BELIEFS ALSO.

Prejudice against other religion

I dare you to check Iglesia Ni Cristo blogsites and see how they clearly attack, criticize and malign Catholics and protestants. You just have to notice that INC bloggers are silent in attacking Muslims. Catholics is the usual topic of INC bloggers about Religious Bigotry. After the links provided below, please also check out the INC publication about their Prejudice against other religion. INC members also beat Protestants on a debate. I am warning you that some INC members are dangerous. Beware and take care.

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Iglesia Ni Cristo

Iglesia Ni Cristo

Iglesia Ni Cristo

Iglesia Ni Cristo

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  1. I am an American that was/is married to an INC member and what I don't get is the INC's willingness to break up marriages if one spouse does not believe their lies. No truly Biblical organization would do this because the Bible is explicit that if there is one "unsaved" spouse the "saved" spouse should be the example so the "unsaved" spouse will come to know Christ.

    Here is what I know and that is INC members are brainwashed; a crab mentality is promoted in their organization; and they know the power they wield in the Philippines so it is almost impossible for them to change their religion. Let's pray God will move their hearts.