Unity and Discipline in the Iglesia Ni Cristo

Unity has been a known character of the Iglesia Ni Cristo members as far as I can remember. This 'unity' of INC members is greatly associated with politics especially during elections. The bloc-voting doctrine of Iglesia Ni Cristo made the INC cult quite popular among politicians. Overestimation of INC members would also usually land on daily newspapers. The most overestimated numbers I have read is reaching 8million INC members (Filipinos are 90+million plus). I seriously doubt that INC members are really that great because even with Iglesia Ni Cristo endorsements, some politicians still lose in the previous elections.

Danding Cojuanco lost his presidential bid in 1992. Gloria Arroyo was not able to take her seat in Malacanang in 2004 election without cheating (remember Hello Garci scandal?). Recently, INC endorsed Mar Roxas for Vice-President but still lost. INC also endorsed Ruffy Biazon in 2010 election as senator but still lost. 2007 election is even worse for Iglesia Ni Cristo, 3 senatoriables lost with INC endorsement; Michael Defensor, Ralph Recto and Vicente Sotto III.

Local elections also gave further embarrassment to the 'Unity' vote of Iglesia Ni Cristo. Nicanor Felix lost in Cavite 2004, Jamie Eloise Agbayani lost in Pangasinan 2007, Rafael Nantes lost in Quezon 2010, Lito Atienza lost in Manila 2010 even with INC endorsements.

Unity of Iglesia Ni Cristo was also pushed in a more condemnable situation when the INC cult administration allowed its members to join the violent anti-government protest EDSA 3. INC members were hurt and died while trying to attack the Malacanang Palace to unseat the Philippine President. Gloria Arroyo was forced to announce some parts of the Philippines as 'State in Rebellion'. Iglesia Ni Cristo is a DANGEROUS political cult. Unity of Iglesia Ni Cristo is a power that was used by INC executive ministers selfishly. Favoring politicians in elections is highly doubtful. What does the endorsement to politicians will give INC in return? There were even rumors of 'pay-off' in exchange of INC endorsement. Money is not the only question here but also influence. INC is also heavily involved in endorsing and backing up favorites in government positions.

• Not even Satan can deny the involvement of Iglesia Ni Cristo in Philippine politics.

The authoritative power of the Manalo family among INC members is unquestionable. If the Iglesia Ni Cristo is a sinking boat, then the INC executive minister is the captain of the boat who would order its passengers to when and where to jump to save their lives. If Iglesia Ni Cristo members is a battalion of soldiers in a losing war, then the INC executive minister is the general on who and when will the INC members dies first. The inheritance of power in the Iglesia Ni Cristo is very clear. Felix Manalo, then Erano Manalo then Eduardo Manalo. Joining Iglesia Ni Cristo is supporting religious dynasty. Joining Iglesia Ni Cristo is supporting political intervention of a religion to Philippine politics. Joining Iglesia Ni Cristo is putting anyone's soul into a losing gamble where Satan and INC always win by using your body and mind for their political intentions while your soul will ultimately burn in hell.

The 'Unity' among INC members is being dictated by the Manalo family. The discipline in a unified attack of INC members during EDSA 3 is unforgettable. The orchestrated support of INC member Congressman Rodante Marcoleta and INC senior member Serafin Cuevas during the impeachment of Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez can be directly accountable to INC minister Eduardo Manalo. This kind of big political decision cannot pass the ever watching eyes of a Manalo INC leader. The family jewels and political influence have to be taken care and watched over by the reigning Iglesia Ni Cristo executive minister. This is the kind of tradition that was handed over from Manalo son from one generation to another.

The unity and discipline in the Iglesia Ni Cristo among Manalo members is to protect the family fortune and political power. The unity and discipline in the Iglesia Ni Cristo among its members is to follow whatever the political decisions of the reigning INC executive minister is a sealed-pact with Satan whenever someone decided to join Iglesia Ni Cristo. Iglesia Ni Cristo is a political cult in the Philippines.

• Joining Iglesia Ni Cristo is the quickest way to surrender your mind, body and soul to the Manalo family.

Manalo family of the Iglesia Ni Cristo is the tie that binds the Iglesia Ni Cristo members. Manalo family dictates its members on how they will arrive in heaven and how INC members would vote during the Philippine elections. The religious dynasty and political dictatorship of Manalo family among its INC members are absolute. No one should question the INC leadership. Church expulsion are given to INC members who thinks on the opposite side of the INC ministers. INC members cannot question on why they were ordered to joined EDSA 3. INC members cannot question on why Iglesia supported politicians with suspicious characters like Gloria Arroyo. INC members cannot question on why Iglesia supported Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierres. No questions asked, just followed. The blind followers of INC is a really dangerous force that are being used during elections.

• Vote is a political power. A power which is fully exploited by the Manalo family of Iglesia Ni Cristo

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