The Destiny of the Iglesia Ni Cristo

No matter what Iglesia Ni Cristo will do in attacking other religions, INC still failed to see their impending doom of their political cult. The continuous intervention of the Manalo family to the political affairs of the Philippine politics should have not been allowed in the first place because heaven forbids it. The scripture is being used by Iglesia Ni Cristo to fool their followers that the way to salvation can be fueled by political involvements of their cult. Election endorsements, backing up government appointments and intervening in Congressional and Senate affairs are in no way will affect anyone's ticket to heaven but it is a sure way buying a one way ticket to hell. I don't think supporting Gloria Arroyo was approved any supreme being. I don't think voting for Gloria Arroyo was endorsed by good spiritual being. Only Satan can do such thing by voting Gloria Arroyo and her cohorts.

The march of the Iglesia Ni Cristo troops in EDSA 3 was a mistake.
The support of Iglesia Ni Cristo for Gloria Arroyo was a mistake.
The intervention of INC in senate presidency was a mistake.
The help INC provided to Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez was a mistake.

Still, INC is standing by on their support for anarchy and tyranny. With the continuous atrocities being made by Iglesia Ni Cristo to the Philippine society, I cannot see that any good will come to all Manalo followers. With all these wrong political decisions by the Manalo family, I still failed to see any victory or redemption will come to all Manalo followers. The heaven do not permit any support for anarchy. The heaven will only punish those who joined cults who use scriptures for their own personal gains. Satan must be truly happy right now since he has found a strong alliance with Iglesia Ni Cristo in pulling more souls to hell.

The path to hell has been shortened with the rise of Iglesia Ni Cristo.
The alliance of Iglesia Ni Cristo with the forces of evil is crystal clear.

No good things will come to those who join cults like Iglesia Ni Cristo. INC of the Manalo family is just wasting time, money and resources and being involved with Philippine political affairs instead of doing good things like any Christian groups should do. Never have we heard that INC was 'heavily' involved with any great projects that will help our poor Filipino nation. Never have we heard that INC helped starving people on a wide scale. The reason behind this is because Iglesia Ni Cristo members are doctrine and preached to hate other religions. The supremacy of INC on other religions is being preached on every church gathering from their pulpits. Only INC members will be saved. All Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Buddhists and all people will be burned to hell unless they joined the cult of Iglesia Ni Cristo. This narrow-minded perspective of salvation is being used by INC ministers to brainwash their members.

In return, any attack to Iglesia Ni Cristo is being perceived by INC members as "persecutions". Any graft and corruption charges to INC endorsements are persecution because INC members believed that any political decisions of the Manalo family have a blessing from heaven. All these charges against Gloria Arroyo is all just made up if you are going to ask INC members. To Iglesia Ni Cristo, Gloria Arroyo did not cheat in 2004 elections. To Iglesia Ni Cristo, Gloria Arroyo won fair and square in 2004 elections. To Iglesia Ni Cristo, their march on EDSA 3 was a revolution instructed by heaven since the order came from the Manalo family. These political decisions by the INC leadership cannot be from Satan but must be from heaven. Iglesia Ni Cristo should have stayed out of Philippine Politics. Too bad that the history have already been written for Iglesia Ni Cristo. Too bad that the destiny have already been written for Iglesia Ni Cristo. In accordance to the prophecy, all false religions will be cast down to hell. Iglesia Ni Cristo is one them.

The long march to defeat has already begun to Iglesia Ni Cristo.
The dark path to hell is clear by joining Iglesia Ni Cristo.

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