Celebrity Iglesia Ni Cristo members

Circus comes to town and the Iglesia Ni Cristo is the main attraction.

Eduardo Manalo is the head clown.

There's no business like show business.

Actress • Yasmien Kurdi is an Iglesia Ni Cristo celebrity that all INC members are 'quite' proud of having her with their cult. Many INC members have already made their names in the Public eye. Arlyn Dela Cruz, Virginia Torres, Rodante Marcoleta,Regine Angeles and Reynaldo Wycoco. We can easily know and define the character of the Iglesia Ni Cristo preacher Felix Manalo by the actions being displayed by the INC cult followers. Look at the dirty mouths of INC bloggers readme and Engr. Renante Nate. These 2 filthy INC bloggers keep on maligning Catholic and Protestant members on their blogs which challenge us to blog more in exposing INC atrocities. Thank you guys for inspiring us. With the help of the dirty mouth of INC blogger readme, let us introduce another Iglesia Ni Cristo member.

Sexy pictures of the Iglesia Ni Cristo member Yasmien Kurdi are displayed all over the internet which makes us think, why would a 'Christian' Church goer like Yasmien Kurdi allow herself to be pictured with 2 piece bathing suit? Fame? Money? Why did Iglesia Ni Cristo allowed Yasmien Kurdi to pose in such a very sexy suit? I never heard that Iglesia Ni Cristo suspended or expelled Yasmien for posing for sexy pictures. (INC members are being expelled for not voting politicians dictated by Iglesia Ni Cristo). I am not sure if Yasmien's parents are also INC members but certainly, a Christian father should not allow his daughter to pose on a sexy photo shoot since it is very un-Christian and will certainly ruin the wholesome image of a decent young lady. Parents, we should also watch over the decisions of our kids specially if you profess that we are Christians. It appears that Iglesia Ni Cristo does not care too much about this simple biblical teachings that woman should wear modest dress not those sexy dresses. Yasmien Kurdi is now being fantasized by men who loves to watch porn or buy sexy magazines and stare at sexy models. Sambahin mo ang katawan ko.

Yasmien Kurdi filed two counts of acts of lasciviousness and one count of unjust vexation against actor Baron Geisler. Kurdi’s counsel is Lawyer Ferdinand Topacio, the usual lawyer of INC in some cases. I do not know on whose side I should take between Baron Geisler and Yasmien Kurdi. Does Baron Geisler really have a mental problem? Was Baron attracted to Yasmien's beauty? Was Yasmien wearing a sexy attire which lead Baron to be attracted? I do not know. But I guess the fans of Yasmien Kurdi are not happy. Iglesia Ni Cristo is also not happy. Checking out the sexy pictures of Yasmien Kurdi in the internet; You can look but you cannot touch. Say good bye to whole-some image. Say good bye to simple and modest looking girl image. Hello to sexy Yasmien Kurdi on bikini. If I am an Iglesia Ni Cristo member, I would have embarrassed with this kind of co-church member. I wonder if readme and Engr. Renante Nate would have felt the same. Readme / Conrad Obligacion, do you like starring the sexy pictures of Yasmien Kurdi? Do you enjoy looking at the sexy pictures of Iglesia Ni Cristo member Yasmien Kurdi?

Sexy Model • Regine Angeles - The interview by Rey Pumaloy with Iglesia Ni Cristo member, Sexy poser Regine Angeles was really funny. Regine Angeles said that Iglesia Ni Cristo approved her sexy poses in an adult (PORN cough-cough) magazine FHM. She also said that INC is strict when it comes to liquor. (possible reason why Regine Angeles rejected the P 2.5 million offer of Tanduay)

Iglesia Ni Cristo is hard against liquor but soft against adult/porn magazines?


Sexy poses in an adult/porn magazine is allowed in Iglesia Ni Cristo while
Two-piece and bukaka is prohibited in Iglesia Ni Cristo.

Very funny. Pathetic. Very sick.
Woe unto you Iglesia Ni Cristo.

How dare you call yourselves, bible readers or even claim exclusive salvation?

Rotten Iglesia Ni Cristo churches are in vain
because of rotten doctrines and very disgusting moral standards set by the Manalo family.

INC executive minister Eduardo Manalo,
do you already have the FHM April 2011 issue for P140,
featuring your INC member Regine Angeles as the cover and centerfold model?

I am quite sure that the Iglesia Ni Cristo ministers have their own copies of the
FHM magazine featuring Regine Angeles because as Regine have said on the interview...

"Tapos, nagpaalam pa ako sa church [INC]. Sabi ko, 'Ay, ano po ang nangyari, kinomit na ako ng manager ko. E, pag nag-backout daw po ako, magbabayad ako ng danyos.'

"Actually, pinagsulat ako ng letter na hindi ko raw ipapahiya yung... Natatakot kasi sila. 'Sigurado ka? Pumayag ka?'

"Kasi natatakot sila na porke't ang FHM may reputasyon na nakahubad, ganun-ganun.

"Sabi ko, 'Hindi po, pumayag po sila kung ano ang gusto ko.'

"Sabi nila, 'Sigurado ka? Pumayag sila?'


"No'ng lumabas ang magazine, wala naman akong narinig mula sa kanila.

"Then, no'ng pumayag yung church, pumayag na rin ang mommy ko," kuwento ni Regine.


Politician • Rodante Marcoleta. Boy, this politician is a celebrity on his own right. He filed a 'bogus' impeachment case against Gloria Arroyo and then later on, Marcoleta joined Gloria Arroyo in the controversial fine dining in New York. Marcoleta is a Congressman INC member. Iglesia Ni Cristo and Marcoleta continue to be a strong reliable ally of Gloria Arroyo. Arroyo, as poll says is the Most Corrupt President of the Philippines. Now that Philippines have a new president, it makes me laugh to look backward on how and why has Iglesia Ni Cristo decided to be a friend of Gloria Arroyo. These clowns are truly entertaining us in the field of politics.

Cult Leader • Eduardo Manalo is the funniest clown of the religious and political circus we call Iglesia Ni Cristo. It is the Iglesia Ni Cristo who excites me to get up every morning and read the latest news about them. Who would have even thought that Iglesia Ni Cristo headed by Eduardo Manalo will be giving their full support to Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez on her Impeachment hearing? I have to admit that I was initially angry about the INC support to Ombudsman then I realized that INC is just being true about themselves. There's no use of getting angry on Iglesia Ni Cristo because they do not care about what others may say about them anyway. Accept them as they are. As a political force to reckon with in times of political uncertainties.

Eduardo Manalo is just a son who inherited the INC leadership from his father when he died. Strong leadership demands a character and a strong experience to back up your authority. In Iglesia Ni Cristo it's an entirely different kind of show. The position of executive minister is being passed from one generation to another. The Manalo family should be never taken seriously with their doctrines because it's a waste of time. But we should keep an eye on them especially on political affairs because Iglesia Ni Cristo is a highly dangerous political cult who likes to get involved with politics.

Iglesia Ni Cristo have other celebrity members but I don't find them amusing or entertaining because there are more talented entertainers than they are. But John Regala, Rodante Marcoleta and Eduardo Manalo are extra ordinary entertainers. They are unique clowns who make us laugh while they kill us with kindness. Laughter is still the best medicine for your pathetic way of life if you are a member of Iglesia Ni Cristo political cult. If you are not an INC member and decided to put additional humor in your life and disregard your soul entirely, by all means, I encourage you to join the politically active cult of Iglesia Ni Cristo of the Manalo family.


  1. John Regala has long been expelled. There's a teaching that states "Many are called but few are chosen". Membership to INC is just the beginning. It's a journey. Everyone has to work for his salvation. What about the Catholic Church? How many Catholic celebrities are much worse?

  2. fuck you! ang iglesia ni cristo lang ang totoong religion!