Dictatorship of the Manalo family

The supremacy of the Manalo family is absolute in Iglesia Ni Cristo. The INC executive minister (currently Eduardo Manalo) have the sole power to command the Iglesia Ni Cristo members to whom should they vote for during elections. The INC leader can also order their followers on some special situations just like what happened when Iglesia Ni Cristo members was ordered to join the violent protest of EDSA 3 against a Philippine President. The order that come from the INC leadership should remain unquestionable among its members or church expulsion shall be given to those to thinks and acts otherwise. Politicians are also being intimated if anyone who act against the will of Iglesia Ni Cristo. No election endorsement are being slapped in the face if anyone wishes to go against INC. Sadly, Filipino politicians are being intimated by the scare tactics of the Manalo family. Submission must be at the heart to all those fear the Iglesia Ni Cristo. Submission must come first to all the politicians wishing for the INC' election endorsement. The Iglesia Ni Cristo bloc-voting doctrine is a power, which being used by the Manalo family to gain more and more political influence in the Philippine nation.

Iglesia Ni Cristo members are being dictated by the Manalo family to whom should they vote for during Philippine elections. Manalo family also decides who should go or not to heaven. Non-compliance during elections will certainly be expelled from the church. Iglesia Ni Cristo members will be sent to hell if they have not vote for Gloria Arroyo in the 2004 elections. Cruel but it is true. Your salvation is depending on how you submit yourselves to the Manalo family when you join Iglesia Ni Cristo. Heaven is assured to the INC members who died in EDSA 3 because they were ordered by the INC leadership to join the anti-government protest.

Dictatorship is good for INC members. They are willing to follow any orders handed to them by Iglesia Ni Cristo because in return, salvation is assured for their obedience to the Manalo family. INC members are willing to attack the Malacanang palace as long as the order comes from 'pangangasiwa' or the INC leadership. Manalo family also decides to what and what not should the INC eat. Cigarettes and beer drinking are allowed in Iglesia Ni Cristo but you do not have the liberty to vote on your own during elections. INC members can reach heaven even if they smoke cigarettes and drink beer but they cannot vote on their own. Hell is open to all INC members who would vote against the will of the INC leadership.

I think, obedience with a clear mind is totally different from being a blind follower of a political cult like Iglesia Ni Cristo. The teaching of the scriptures does not allow using politics in the path of salvation. I don't think voting for Gloria Arroyo as president in 2004 have got to with any divine intervention. Gloria Arroyo is believed to be the Most Corrupt President as poll says and the Iglesia Ni Cristo is ever proud of endorsing her as a president. In fact, even after her stay in the Malacanang palace, INC still remained as a strong political ally of Gloria Arroyo. I don't think that the political alliance of Iglesia Ni Cristo is based on the scripture. I don't think that heaven have blessed INC and the Manalo family for supporting the Most Corrupt President the Philippine has ever had. The Manalo family should be held liable with all the political mess surrounding the Iglesia Ni Cristo.

The obedience of the Iglesia Ni Cristo is admirably pathetic. They should put their compliance into good use not in supporting wicked politicians and attacking the Philippine seat of power. Iglesia Ni Cristo members are not allowed to join any labor unions and employment-related protest but INC were ordered to join the EDSA 3 violent protest against the Philippine government. That is how the INC leadership is using their members on their own political interests.

The Nazi supporters were obedient to Adolf Hitler. The cult followers of Jim Jones were also obedient. Some die hard fanatics are ready die and kill for their leaders. Joining Iglesia Ni Cristo is dangerous to yourself and to the whole country because the Manalo family can easily order you to do as they wish for when you are already blinded by the teachings of Iglesia Ni Cristo. These are the facts: Iglesia Ni Cristo endorses wicked politicians during Philippine elections and INC members died and were killed when they attacked the Malacanang palace during EDSA 3. You can do nothing about it because you are already blinded by the Iglesia Ni Cristo promise to heaven.

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