Without the Manalo family, there would be no Iglesia Ni Cristo

Felix Manalo started the empire that have created some followers that are willing to lose their lives and soul just for the sake of a promised heaven made by someone who was accused of raping Rosita Trillanes. Felix started preaching Iglesia Ni Cristo in 1913 and officially registered in on July 27, 1914. Coming from different religions on his early life, Felix decided to create his own religious group that will soon infest the Philippine politics. Believing an epiphany coming from heaven, Felix Manalo was able to convince some faithful followers that he was an angel using the scripture verse Revelations 7:14. From there on, Felix Manalo and his cohorts was able erect INC chapels and successfully caught the attention of politicians with the INC doctrine of bloc voting. The salvation of Iglesia Ni Cristo members depend on to whom they should vote for during Philippine elections. Manalo family dictates its members the politicians they should vote in voting precincts. Church expulsion will be given to INC members who will not comply to vote the list of politicians dictated by the Iglesia Ni Cristo leadership. There is NO Salvation for expelled INC members.

Iglesia Ni Cristo will not exist without the Manalo family

Each and every INC member is thankful that heaven sent Felix Manalo to preach the salvation by Iglesia Ni Cristo. The birthdate of Felix Manalo (May 10, 1886) is considered to be a very blessed day for all INC members. They are completely ignoring the fact that Felix was baptized and raised as a Catholic boy. They are completely ignoring the fact that Felix transferred from different religions before forming the cult of Iglesia Ni Cristo. Felix Manalo was even a former follower of Ellen G. White of Seventh-day Adventists Church. Felix Manalo also enrolled and learned Christianity from Protestant Bible schools. Several years later, after establishing the Iglesia Ni Cristo; Felix Manalo condemned all religions to burn in hell, except Iglesia Ni Cristo. Only INC members will be sent to heaven. Without joining Iglesia Ni Cristo, human beings will all burn in hell.

Iglesia Ni Cristo will not survive without the Manalo family

Religious Dynasty exists in Iglesia Ni Cristo. The Manalo family is the sole clan that holds the supreme power and riches of Iglesia Ni Cristo. Iglesia Ni Cristo owns their own television, school, hospital and other business establishments. The INC leadership is being inherited from one Manalo family member to another, from one generation to the following generation. Felix Manalo > Erano Manalo > Eduardo Manalo and the waiting in power Angelo Erano Manalo. The Manalo bloodline is a sacred family that should stay forever until the judgment day for Iglesia Ni Cristo believers. Only Manalo should lead INC. The elders of the Iglesia Ni Cristo know this. All Iglesia Ni Cristo members know that without a Manalo leading them, Iglesia Ni Cristo would crumble like a sand castle. The faith of Iglesia Ni Cristo all depends to the Manalo family. The salvation and political decisions are all indoctrinated by the Manalo INC executive minister to all of their members. All decisions made by Manalo are commandments to be followed by INC members. When Erano and Eduardo Manalo decided to support EDSA 3, INC members followed it as if their salvation depends on the successful ouster of the Philippine President in 2001. INC members were hurt and died after the riot was cleared in EDSA 3.

Gloria Arroyo, which poll says as the Most Corrupt President, is highly supported by the Manalo family. Under the Gloria Arroyo regime, Iglesia Ni Cristo and the Manalo family were able to endorse and back up some government appointments. Erano family would always support Gloria Arroyo including the senatorial slate of Arroyo in the 2007 Philippine general elections. Erano Manalo died under the Arroyo regime. Just before the end of the Arroyo administration, INC was surprised in the untimely death of their divine leader. Erano Manalo was not able to see the end of the corrupt government of Gloria Arroyo. Just like everyone have expected, Erano Manalo son, Eduardo Manalo inherited the INC leadership. Continuing the family tradition, Eduardo Manalo dictates the spiritual and political direction of the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult.

Eduardo Manalo is the reigning leader of Iglesia Ni Cristo. The political cult of INC continues to infest the Philippine politics under Eduardo Manalo. Government appointments, intervention of Iglesia Ni Cristo in Senate presidency, the hands of INC in the impeachment case of Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez; Eduardo Manalo is stirring the sinking ship of Iglesia Ni Cristo into an uncertain direction. The continued decrease of INC members can be seen and felt on the declining numbers of INC members attending church gatherings. Iglesia Ni Cristo needs a more capable leader than Eduardo Manalo. Sadly, only Manalo family member can lead INC. The elders of INC cannot simply 'vote' or choose another executive minister aside from Ka Eduardo. INC members have to simply hold on to their faith and stand behind the poor decisions of Eduardo Manalo. INC members can only hope and wait that their fate might just change under the next leadership under Angelo Erano Manalo.

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