The Curse on the Manalo family

Since from the start of Iglesia Ni Cristo in 1913, the Manalo family continues to have a strong grip on the leadership of the INC political cult. Political sins are being made by their leaders while INC members are proven in court to be murderers while some are reported to be rapists in Philippine newspapers. Iglesia Ni Cristo is a menace in the Philippine society. The past and present leaders of Iglesia Ni Cristo should be held liable for the spiritual bankruptcy of INC members involved with these different atrocities. See how these curses are being passed from one generation of Manalo family to another.

Felix Manalo passed to Erano Manalo • Bad eggs

Under Erano Manalo, we have seen a lot of wicked bad eggs among INC members. This just show the weak spiritual foundation built be Felix Manalo. Erano Manalo inherited the INC leadership when Felix Manalo died because of some intestinal disease. The Manalo family is openly attacking and condemns other religious groups. To Iglesia Ni Cristo, only INC members will be saved. All Catholics, Protestants, Muslims and the rest of the world will all burn in hell. And yet, we also see rotten eggs among INC members. How can INC condemn and attack other religions when among themselves have a lot of problems with problematic members. Hypocrites.

Felix Manalo has been accused of raping Rosita Trillanes. Under the leadership of Erano Manalo, we have also read news about INC members who are rapists. We are already aware that some INC members have been proven in court as cold and ruthless bloody murderers. Rotten Bad Eggs of the Iglesia Ni Cristo. The teachings of the Iglesia Ni Cristo are really doubtful. I wonder what kind of lectures that the INC ministers preach on their pulpits. INC members are the only lucky ones to go to heaven and the rest of other religions are of the devil?

Erano Manalo, when he was still alive made some terrible political decisions that have put Iglesia Ni Cristo into much further political embarrassment. Under Erano Manalo, Iglesia Ni Cristo supported Ferdinand Marcos and INC stood against the People Power of EDSA1. INC members were hurt and died in EDSA3 because Erano allowed and even ordered its cult members to join the anti-government protest to oust Philippine President. Iglesia Ni Cristo also supported Gloria Arroyo under the leadership of Erano Manalo. Erano Manalo died as a lonely man with his poor political convictions that doomed Iglesia Ni Cristo.

Erano Manalo passed to Eduardo Manalo • Bad political alliances and decisions

Erano Manalo has been a strong ally of Gloria Arroyo since the 2004 Presidential Election. As mindless zombies who cannot think for themselves, INC members voted for Arroyo as their president. Gloria Arroyo is the Most Corrupt President as poll says. Iglesia Ni Cristo members are proud that it was them who helped Arroyo to seat in the Malacanang palace. Then the cheating controversy surfaced which appears that the Arroyo cheated her way to presidency. Iglesia Ni Cristo continues to ignore the nightmare of the Hello Garci scandal. Erano Manalo died even before the end of the Arroyo regime. The long-standing relationship of Arroyo with the Manalo was passed to the INC executive minister Eduardo Manalo.

Eduardo Manalo inherited the INC leadership when his father died. Along with the family tradition of passing the INC leadership and riches, Eduardo also inherited and have to accept the alliance that his father signed with Gloria Arroyo. The support of the Iglesia Ni Cristo to Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez is clear evidence that Eduardo is following the wishes of his dead father, which is to help Arroyo in her hardships. Ombudsman Gutierrez is the stumbling block in persecuting Arroyo for her sins as the Most Corrupt President of the Philippines. We can get Arroyo by getting rid of Ombudsman Gutierrez first.

Eduardo Manalo is an incapable leader of the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult. Eduardo has to just simply follow with the flow of destiny of Iglesia Ni Cristo. The fall of INC started when they indoctrinated their cult members to vote as one during elections. By supporting wicked politicians during elections, INC is bound to fail. Heaven cannot simply allow any false religion to use the name of our Creator for personal political gains.

The Religious Dynasty of the Manalo family of Iglesia Ni Cristo is abominable under the heavens. The political nature of the Iglesia Ni Cristo cannot be mistaken. INC is fully engage in Philippine politics. The hungry belly of the Manalo family continues to be feed by their doctrine of bloc-voting. The INC political influence is a power that sometimes (if not always) being abused by the family for their cult's own interest. EDSA3, Gloria Arroyo support, and the Ombudsman support are truly INC works that I cannot accept which I think heaven shall not be allowed to go unpunished. The curse to the Manalo family is already written.

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