The Death of Terrorists

The morning I have read the news that the terrorist Al-Queda leader Osama Bin Laden was killed by the US Navy seals left a feeling of relief to me that the world can sleep soundly, temporarily. The death of Osama Bin laden is quite a setback for the Al-Queda terrorist group and may need more time to regroup and rethink about their next plan. Some sympathizers announced condemnation about the swift operation of USA to kill the world's Most Wanted terrorist. White House announced that Americans and the rest of the world should stay alert for possible retaliation attacks.

• Osama Bin Laden

Even that Osama Bin Laden was considered to be a terrorist by western countries, Osama have a strong number of believers, sympathizers and followers. That is the reason why US have decided to bury Osama Bin Laden's body in the sea, to avoid his burial place a shrine of a hero and a martyr. For the past several years, Osama Bin Laden was living on an isolation state to avoid any trace that will eventually lead to for his capture. There were no telephone lines and internet in the hiding place of Osama Bin Laden. Osama cannot be approached by regular common people. But fate have a different plan for Osama, he was EKIA, Enemy-Killed-In-Action.

• Eraño Manalo

Strangely, the feeling of "relief" I felt when Osama Bin laden was killed is the same feeling I felt when I have been informed that Eraño Manalo died due to cardiopulmonary arrest. Eraño Manalo was considered to be a close friend and political ally of Gloria Arroyo, which poll says as the Most Corrupt President. But before the close relationship of Eraño Manalo and Gloria Arroyo, the INC strongly opposed the leadership of Arroyo. INC members were allowed and ordered by Eraño Manalo to join the violent anti-government protest of EDSA3. The purpose of the EDSA 3 protesters when they attacked the Malacanang palace last 2001 is to unseat Gloria Arroyo and reinstate Joseph Estrada (INC endorsed Estrada as president in the 1998 Philippine election)

During EDSA 3, for around 1 week, The Republic of the Philippines was "terrorized" by the EDSA 3 protesters. The Estrada sympathizers (Most of them are INC members) clashed with the police and military that lead Gloria Arroyo to pronounce the National Capital Religion (NCR) in a State of Rebellion. The EDSA 3 revolution ended in a violent way. INC members died after the melee. Iglesia Ni Cristo members bastardized the world-renowned bloodless revolution of EDSA 1. Interestingly, INC was against the People Power or EDSA 1. Eraño Manalo and the Iglesia Ni Cristo have stood beside Marcos against Cory Aquino and the People Power of the Philippine nation.

Using religion, Eraño Manalo was able to order the Iglesia Ni Cristo members to join the deadly attack of EDSA 3 protesters. Using religion, Eraño Manalo was able to justify the death of INC members in trying to attack the Malacanang palace. Using religion, Eraño and Eduardo Manalo was able to run scot free any persecution because of the death of INC members in EDSA 3.

Religion and violence is a deadly combination.
Iglesia Ni Cristo and the EDSA 3 revolution are abominable.
Woe unto the INC members who died in EDSA 3.
Woe unto the Manalo family for allowing and ordering INC members to join EDSA 3.

August 31, 2009 - Eraño Manalo who terrorized the Philippines during the EDSA 3 attack, died.
May 2, 2011 - Osama Bin Laden who spear-headed the 9/11 attack, was killed by US Navy Seal.

The world is now a safer place to live now that some terrorists have been laid to rest.
But we should still remain vigilant.

The Manalo family remains a big threat to our soul's salvation.
Eduardo Manalo inherited the leadership of the political cult group, Iglesia Ni Cristo.


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