The gates of hell prevails in Iglesia Ni Cristo

INC members openly boast that they are the only ones who will go to heaven. All non-INC members (Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Muslims, and Buddhists etc) are going to burn in hell. Sadly, INC members also have to admit that murderers and rapists also exist inside the political cult of Iglesia Ni Cristo. And I think, the heaven is also not happy how the Executive ministers (Manalo family) are leading the INC flock to the path of destruction. The doctrine of INC is a twisted interpretation of the Bible. The rape case against the INC founder Felix Manalo continues to hunt the credibility of the INC beginning. The political blunders of Erano Manalo still remain as ghost that continues to hunt the INC cult. The questionable qualification of Eduardo Manalo as INC executive minister is starting to surface. Eduardo just inherited the INC leadership from his father when Erano died. It is under the regime of Eduardo Manalo that the INC showed their strong support to the embattled Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez. What is happening to the moral standard of Iglesia Ni Cristo? Why is INC showing their loyalty to Gloria Arroyo (Most Corrupt President-poll says) and their support for Ombudsman Gutierrez?

• Iglesia Ni Cristo narrows the gate of heaven

INC is effectively limiting the salvation to mostly Filipino people. If it is true that only INC members will be saved (according to the teachings of Manalo family), then Filipinos will be crowding the heaven come the judgment day. With less than 2 million INC members and only a few handful non-Filipino members, it is highly doubtful that only INC members will get lucky to go to heaven. How about those fanatic INC members who died in the violent anti-government protest of EDSA3? INC members died in EDSA3 following the order/encouragement of the Manalo family. How about the parents of the INC founder Felix Manalo who was not able to join Iglesia Ni Cristo? How about the people who have lived before 1913, the year Felix Manalo started preaching about the INC cult. How about to the people around the world who have never heard about the Iglesia Ni Cristo, are they going to burn in hell as well?

Iglesia Ni Cristo is limiting the love, understanding and mercy of our Creator. I don't think that the Almighty is narrow-minded as INC wants us to believe. Many good people have lived and served the humanity without even hearing about the Iglesia Ni Cristo. All the good works and charities by non-INC members will not go down the drain. A lot of people in the different parts of the world have even seen or heard about the Bible or even the Koran. Many people can't even read. How about the children, are they going to burn in hell because they have not heard about Iglesia Ni Cristo?

INC is narrowing the gate of heaven for Manalo followers only.
Woe unto the Iglesia Ni Cristo of the Manalo family.

• Iglesia Ni Cristo widens the gate of hell

The world population continues to grow every day, every hour, every minute and every second. However, the INC membership continues to decline as we can see the performance of Iglesia Ni Cristo in Philippine elections. INC failed to lift Mar Roxas as Vice president of the Philippines when they endorsed him in the 2010 election. I am also a witness of the attendance of INC members on their church gatherings are steadily declining. The INC church anniversaries also include many guests so it helps the build the illusion that INC membership is increasing.

The INC members are also being used during Philippine election to vote the politicians being endorsed by the Manalo family. Church expulsion will be given to INC members who will not comply with the INC doctrine of "unity" during election. To those INC members who have not voted (the Most Corrupt President-poll says) Gloria Arroyo in the 2004 election have been thrown out of the INC, therefore a candidate to be burn in hell.

Iglesia Ni Cristo is actively participating in the Philippine politics which is equal to entirely selling the whole organization to Satan. Why would a supposedly religious group will show continued support and alliance to Gloria Arroyo? Why would a supposedly religious group will show their support to former Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez? Don't you think that the INC should be more concerned about the welfare of the needy ones, the beggars in the streets, the hungry ones, the sick ones? Why is INC exerting more power, time and effort in intervening with the affairs of Philippine politics?

Only Satan will allow these kinds of atrocities of Iglesia Ni Cristo to continue.

Only Satan will be glad to see Iglesia Ni Cristo intervene in Philippine politics.

The heaven is a lonely place to be with Iglesia Ni Cristo by the Manalo family.

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