There's No Democracy in INC (Iglesia Ni Cristo)

Luckily, Philippines is a democratic country. A country built of the people, from the people, by the people. Filipino citizen enjoys the freedom of speech, choosing politicians during elections and other human rights that every country should provide to their countrymen. The Nazism, Authoritarian and Communistic form of government simply does not apply to the screaming freedom from the hearts of every Filipino. Heroes like Jose Rizal and Andres Bonifacio died for fighting the freedom that the Filipinos deserve. Even Ninoy Aquino (father of President Noynoy Aquino) died for the liberation of the Philippines from the Martial law that was imposed by Ferdinand Marcos to limit our rights. Indeed, --- Filipinos are worth dying for. 

Alas, a political cult group was born in the Philippines in 1913 that completely obliterated the freedom our heroes have fought for the Filipinos. Iglesia Ni Cristo effectively removed the freedom of speech, freedom and right to vote based on personal decision and other basic human rights of every INC member. Sadly, these restrictions of rights and freedom are also being tried by the INC administration to impose in the Philippine Society.

• Freedom of speech

Ross Tipon wrote the book The Power and the Glory: The Cult of Manalo and decided to publish it, Iglesia Ni Cristo cult filed a lawsuit but lost the case. The book exposed the power and money behind the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult. During the long judicial process, the INC lawyer even threatened that if the book will be published in the public, it will cause social unrest. The ending of the story was, Iglesia Ni Cristo lost the case in prohibiting the publishing of a book. Ross Tipon argued that Iglesia Ni Cristo is suppressing his rights to free speech.

That is how Iglesia Ni Cristo works, they rule with an iron first. Iglesia Ni Cristo cult is ruled by the Manalo family dynasty and all members should follow whatever decisions being handed down by the administrations. This is especially true during Philippine elections where INC members are being FORCED to vote to the suggested candidates picked by the INC leaders. Expulsions will be given to the INC members who will disobey. Iglesia Ni Cristo uses lawsuits and political power to keep their enemies silent. Although the book The Power and the Glory: The Cult of Manalo was published, it was not sold by major bookstores in the Philippines and was primarily available in Baguio location only. (Ross Tipon is a freelance writer based in Baguio City, Philippines)

Freedom of Speech is a basic right of any individual who wants to voice-out his beliefs and opinions. Iglesia Ni Cristo continually failed to see that and the Supreme Court of he Philippines emphatically showed them that the INC way is wrong. I seriously doubt that the Iglesia Ni Cristo have learned their lesson. INC is willing to an extra mile just to keep the mouth shout of their enemies. They will drag people to courts and/or use their political influence to get what they want. That is what bloc-voting become in handy for the INC cult founded by Felix Manalo.

• Freedom to choose candidates during elections

The moment you have decided to join Iglesia Ni Cristo is the moment you have decided to throw away your right to choose the leaders that you believe can shape up our country. Under the INC administration, upon the decision of the reigning executive minister of Iglesia Ni Cristo, politicians will be dictated to be voted by the INC cult. There are NO clear spiritual criteria being used by INC in picking politicians to support during election. INC once endorsed Joseph Estrada as a president, later; Estrada was convicted of graft charges. INC also supported Gloria Arroyo as president, later, Arroyo was said to be the Most Corrupt President. No divine intervention is being used in choosing political candidates. It is widely believed that INC chooses candidates based on their popularity and surveys to ensure victory. There were some pay-off rumors in exchange of the INC endorsement during election.

That is how dirty the Philippine politics is.
That is how dirty Iglesia Ni Cristo is.

Bloc-voting is one of the basic doctrines of Iglesia Ni Cristo. INC member who shall not comply with the political decision of the INC administration will be expelled. INC members can smoke cigarettes and drink beer but they are not allowed to break the "unity" of INC in elections. This is absolutely crazy. I don't think that by voting Gloria Arroyo will send you to heaven and by not voting for Gloria Arroyo last 2004 elections can send you to hell. The Manalo family even allowed or ordered INC members to march their way in the violent anti-government protest EDSA 3. INC members have died during the EDSA3. I feel sorry for the INC members who wasted their lives in EDSA 3. The Manalo family will be held responsible for the lost lives of the INC members on the Judgment day.

• Human rights

Choosing your desired religion is a freedom and right of every citizen of a sovereign country that should be respected by others. Iglesia Ni Cristo does not respect this right of the non-INC members. INC members and ministers attack and malign other religious groups in the Philippines. There's even a report that INC members beat up Pentecostal members. INC members are also not allowed to marry non-INC members. Salvation is exclusive for INC members only. Iglesia Ni Cristo is completely in control of the rights of their members.

The Manalo family shall be judged and punished in hell because of their authoritarian style of manipulating their members. Felix Manalo, Erano Manalo and Eduardo Manalo will pay for intervening in Philippine politics. Using the church for personal and political reasons shall not be left unanswered and unpunished. The future does not look so bright for the Manalo family the cult followers of Iglesia Ni Cristo.

There's NO democracy in Iglesia Ni Cristo.
Submit to our Creator, not to the Manalo family.

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