Iglesia Ni Cristo allowed evil to lurk

Iglesia Ni Cristo is doing nothing to stop evil in Philippine politics; INC is even promoting and endorsing it. It still remains questionable on why Iglesia Ni Cristo of the Manalo family keeps on supporting Gloria Arroyo. From the 2004 presidential election, favoring the senatorial slate of Arroyo in 2007 and the recent INC support of Arroyo's appointed Ombudsman in her impeachment case in 2011 Congressional vote. We cannot even hear or read about INC's condemnation to the long list of Arroyo's sins to the nation of the Filipino people. Gloria Arroyo was even called to be the Most Corrupt President of the Philippines, strangely; Iglesia Ni Cristo have to be known as a strong ally of GMA. Iglesia Ni Cristo continues to claim the electoral victory of Arroyo in the 2004 election because INC endorsed her but Filipinos still remained doubtful on that election since cheating and stealing of votes remain alive.

Iglesia Ni Cristo loves politics.

Every year, every anniversary of Iglesia Ni Cristo, INC members take much pride that politicians are paying expensive paper advertisements to greet the Manalo family and the Iglesia Ni Cristo. Instead of suggesting politicians to spend money on their constituents, INC allows politicians to throw away money in greeting Iglesia Ni Cristo. After endorsements during elections, the payback time for Iglesia Ni Cristo will come in return. Backing up and endorsing Government appointments would usually follow after the proclamation of winners. Pay-off rumors is a perennial thing before and after the election about the Iglesia Ni Cristo endorsements. The losing candidates would usually be put into further insurmountable embarrassment after relying too much on the INC vote just like what happened to Mar Roxas. Mar Roxas was endorsed by INC as Vice President in the 2010 election but lost. Roxas supporters were even confident to catch-up during the counting of votes because of the INC bloc voting, but the numbers of the INC cult was not enough.

Corruption loves company.

Why does Iglesia Ni Cristo support politicians with questionable characters? Why would a supposedly a 'Christian' group allowed their group name and the name of their god to be dragged in the dirty world of politics? Why does the Manalo family loves to sleep in bed with the wicked politicians? Since from the start of the religious dynasty of the Manalo family, Felix Manalo seems to love to mingle with politicians rather with their own INC members. Ordinary INC members cannot directly talk and interact with the members of the Manalo family. Eduardo Manalo is "too busy" to meet and greet ordinary poor members but he is ore available to have a meeting with politicians during elections. I am quite surprised that politicians have to make a courtesy calls on some occasion to Iglesia Ni Cristo just like when Noynoy Aquino made a quick visit to the INC chapel before his inauguration. Gloria Arroyo is also a frequent visitor of the Iglesia Ni Cristo on their temple.

Religious Dynasty of the Manalo Family; religious mafia

Nepotism - Favoritism shown to relatives or close friends by those in power. In Iglesia Ni Cristo, Manalo family is the royal family. No one should touch and harm any family member of the Manalo family. It's like a religious mafia disguising as religion. Iglesia Ni Cristo is a political cult that even the devil advocates have to simply agree. (Remember when Justice Ong was prevented by Iglesia Ni Cristo on being appointed to Supreme court because Ong convicted the husband of Pilar Manalo, sister of Erano Manalo?) INC is ruthless to those who persecute any members of the Manalo family. You should never take side against the Manalo family, just like the movie The Godfather. The Manalo Family is the Filipino version of the Corleone of the Godfather. Iglesia Ni Cristo is reportedly having their own ammunition of firepower on their headquarters. The political influence of the Manalo family can also be felt in the Philippine politics, and yes, INC members are proud of it. When INC members fall on their faces with their political convictions dictated by the Manalo family, it is a religious persecution and part of their hardships that they need to endure in order to reach heaven.

Blind leaders make blind followers.

Earthquakes, Tsunamis and other Natural disasters are getting more frequent recently because heaven is getting angrier because of cults like Iglesia Ni Cristo. Political cult like the INC should not use the scriptures to manipulate the heart of its members for their own political and wealth reasons. The Manalo family should be ashamed of themselves in rallying people to their political intentions and putting the blame to other religions when it backfires to them. This is the reason why INC members are attacking other religions in the internet as their defensive stance to cover up the failures of the political decisions of the INC leadership. No one should call the EDSA3 and INC rally as a success. No one should say that Gloria Arroyo won the 2004 election fair and square, only INC members can claim that. We pity the blind followers of the Iglesia Ni Cristo. I detest the Manalo Family by blinding INC members.

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