Kamag-Anak Incorporated of the Manalo family

Owning a business corporation and run it with your family is not that bad. It's a family business and eventually may turn into a family tradition that may provide jobs to other people as well. Many rich families have gained much respect because by being successful with their family businesses, they were able to give jobs to other people as well. By staying in the same business for a long time, the family may build expertise and reputable quality of their products and services that they provide.

But building a religious group entirely is different from a family business.
This not only involves money, but people's souls as well.

The Manalo family literally handles and manages the cult group Iglesia Ni Cristo right from the start. Felix Manalo, the founder of INC, registered Iglesia Ni Kristo as sole proprietorship. When Felix Manalo died, the INC leadership was inherited by his son Erano Manalo and then Eduardo Manalo. The selection process is fairly simple, the INC executive minister must come from the Manalo family. Manalo is a foundation inside the cult group of Iglesia Ni Cristo.

During Church anniversaries of INC on every 27th day of July every year, politicians pay expensive paper ads and tarpaulin greetings the Manalo family and the entire group of INC. The reigning INC executive ministers will be "glorified" by praises of some politicians hoping for the INC endorsement in the next coming election. That is how politicians are using the church event of Iglesia Ni Cristo, and the INC allows it. INC can simply tell these politicians to stop paying full-page greeting in different newspapers and just instead feeding the poor that needs more attention, but INC simply allow these kind of wasting money just to glorify the INC leader and whole cult group.

The 1987 Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines prohibits political dynasty. I have not read in the bible that nepotism was preached, practiced or even suggested to any Christian groups. I vae not read in the scriptures that an angel(as INC claim that Felix Manalo is an angel) transferred his authority or leadership post to his and his grandson. Eduardo Manalo's qualification as the INC leader is even questionable. Eduardo is not known to be a great debater. Most of the time, I would just read about Eduardo Manalo cutting ribbons in INC chapels opening ceremonies. But not in debating and defending the INC doctrine.

A proof that the Iglesia Ni Cristo political cult group "glorifies" Manalo family is on how they act and react towards any topic about the Manalo family. First: INC members built and erected a bronze statue of Felix Manalo. Second: A postal stamp with the picture of Erano Manalo, commemorating his death. Third: any disrespect to Manalo family members shall receive harsh comments and actions from INC members. Truly, the must-follow Manalo family stigma have been implanted among INC members.

Too much fanatism is really dangerous. Some die-hard Manalo followers from Iglesia Ni Cristo died in the violent anti-government protest of EDSA3. Some reports say that they were encouraged and ordered to join the EDSA3 protest. During the one-week siege of EDSA3 attendees, INC members filled the EDSA3. Iglesia Ni Cristo have completely desecrated and bastardized the clean and world renowned peaceful People Power EDSA1. Reports say that Erano and Eduardo Manalo was directly involved in a rebellion plot against the Philippine government under Gloria Macapagal Arroyo in EDSA III.

Being a Manalo follower is dangerous. a point the INC members who joined the violent anti-government EDSA3 failed to see. Iglesia Ni Cristo members who simultaneously marched and joined EDSA 3 cannot have done it without the order coming from the INC administration and leadership. The sad part is, the Manalo family was able to get away with the rebellion plot while some members died because of a political reason triggered by their religious convictions preached by the Manalo family.

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