Guns, Goons and Gold of Iglesia Ni Cristo

Iglesia Ni Cristo is a scary, powerful, politically influential cult group. Some people are even intimidated in approaching Iglesia Ni Cristo members because of their reputation of having a different type of discipline from other church groups. In the name of church unity, INC members marched and died in the violent EDSA 3 rebellion upon the orders of the Manalo family. For the sake of church unity, Iglesia Ni Cristo voted Gloria Arroyo in 2014 election. Later, the Hello Garci scandal broke out and it appears that Gloria Arroyo cheated in the 2004 election. I dare all Iglesia Ni Cristo members to stand proud on voting the Most Corrupt President Gloria Arroyo, who cheated her way to presidency in 2014. Is there any divine intervention when the Manalo family choose Gloria Arroyo? Is Iglesia Ni Cristo guided by the heavens in their existence in the Philippine society?

• Guns
No one in their right sense of mind that will dare to attack the Iglesia Ni Cristo palace in Quezon City. As reported by the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) ... Military intelligence sources say that the Iglesia has 1,000 to 2,000 high-caliber firearms in its armory, apart from guns owned by individual members who include soldiers and policemen. In September 1972, INC members shot at and killed three Marine soldiers who were part of a contingent sent by Marcos to shut down the church's DZEC radio tower....

Some INC members are also part of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI).. Numerous abusive INC members while in their line of duty have flooded the daily newspapers. It is quite scary to know that some abusive people are in the position to protect and serve the Filipino people. while in fact they are monsters themselves ready to devour other people anytime they want to.

• Goons
INC members were encouraged/ordered to join the violent anti-government protest of the EDSA 3 rebellion. EDSA 3 was violent and bloody protest that led to the death of some Iglesia Ni Cristo members. Riot ensued and some protesters even fought the authorities in trying to unseat a president. Gloria Arroyo was forced to declare the National Capital Region in the State of Rebellion. The one week of he EDSA3 of the Iglesia Ni Cristo were scary times because protesters were ready to collide with the soldiers and police when they tried to enter the Malacanang palace. The EDSA3 rebellion ended in a tragic way. People were arrested and killed by the authorities.. Iglesia Ni Cristo bastardized the world-renowned bloodless coup of People Power EDSA1..

Iglesia Ni Cristo is also well-known for attacking their enemies in religious discussions, verbally and physically. In 2007, INC members beat up Pentecostal preachers during a debate. The supposedly religious debate turned into a violent end when INC members beat up their opponents. The actor INC member John Regala was also reported to beat up a poor taxi driver after a traffic altercation.

• Gold
In this time of crisis and financial uncertainties, Iglesia Ni Cristo continues to buy expensive properties inside and outside the country. Iglesia Ni Cristo members are mostly poor and from the 3rd-word country Philippines. Only the devil knows on how the Iglesia Ni Cristo are able to buy properties to be used by their decreasing membership for their house of worship. I don't think that heaven is happy with these expensive purchases of Iglesia Ni Cristo.. While people continue to suffer poverty and hunger, the Manalo family continues to prosper. In a Philippine magazine, Erano Manalo was called as THE BILLIONAIRE PREACHER.

Is it right and moral for Mike Velarde to gain more riches?
Is it right and moral for Pastor Quiboloy to gain more riches?
Is it right and moral for Eduardo Manalo to gain more riches?

Aside from the Guns, Goons and Gold of the Manalo family, it is also worth mentioning the Political power and influence the Manalo family has gained over the past years. There's no question that with the church doctrine of INC of bloc-voting, Iglesia have attracted many politicians during elections. Iglesia Ni Cristo also loves to intervene in the Philippine Politics. Recently, INC received a lot of condemnation from Filipino people for supporting the troubled Ombudsman Merceditas Gutierrez on her impeachment case. The common people also did not like INC for supporting and endorsing Gloria Arroyo in the 2004 election. Gloria Arroyo was considered to be the Most Corrupt President as poll says.

Let us just accept the existence of the political cult Iglesia Ni Cristo.
I think it is written that the wicked people were allowed to play around until the judgment day comes.
Let us just beware and keep informed with the every move of the serpent-like Iglesia Ni Cristo.

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Iglesia Ni Cristo

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