Iglesia Ni Cristo and the Most Corrupt President

Why did Eraño Manalo choose Gloria Arroyo to be the Philippine president in 2004 election?
I don’t think the heaven picked the Most Corrupt President to be endorsed by "bible-based" religion.

Why did Eraño Manalo choose Gloria Arroyo to be the Philippine president in 2004 election?
Is there really a cash pay-off in exchange of Iglesia Ni Cristo election endorsement?

Why did Eraño Manalo choose Gloria Arroyo to be the Philippine president in 2004 election?
Why did Gloria Arroyo have to cheat in the election after the INC endorsement?

Who helped Gloria Arroyo to win the Philippine election in 2004,
heaven and the Iglesia Ni Cristo?
or hell and the Iglesia Ni Cristo?
Or just a plain cheating scheme operated by Gloria Arroyo and Election Commissioner Virgilio Garcillano?

Iglesia Ni Cristo is a strong political ally of Gloria Arroyo. In 2004, INC endorsed Gloria Arroyo to be the Philippine President. In 2005, the Hello Garci scandal broke out, The INC kept their silence, they did nothing to uncover the cheating expose. In 2007, Iglesia Ni Cristo continued their alliance with Gloria Arroyo by supporting Arroyo's Team Unity Senatorial line up. And recently, 2011, INC supported the Macapagal-Arroyo clan in helping Ombudsman Gutierrez in her impeachment case in Philippine Congress.

Under the Arroyo administration, Gloria Arroyo declared July 27, the INC foundation day, as a special working holiday which received a lot of negative reactions from the public because it clearly glorifies the INC cult with their useless day of celebration. Gloria Arroyo also mentioned Iglesia Ni Cristo in her SONA or State Of the Nation Address. Arroyo also included INC Congressmen Marcoleta among the groups of politicians who dined with her in an expensive dinner in New York. Iglesia Ni Cristo certainly has a special place in Arroyo's wicked heart.

I can only wonder why the Manalo family allow themselves to be ruined with their association with Philippine politics like the wicked Pharisees in the scriptures. How in the hell the Manalo family would think that they can simply get away with their alliance with the Most Corrupt President? The heaven shall punish the Manalo family and the Iglesia Ni Cristo in desecrating the religion for personal and political gains. From Felix Manalo to Erano Manalo and to Eduardo Manalo; the cult of Iglesia Ni Cristo is heavily involved in dirty politics, and they are enjoying it.

Only pigs love to wallow in mud.
Only dogs love to eat their vomits.
Only Iglesia Ni Cristo loves to intervene in Philippine politics.
Only the Manalo family can mix cultism and politics.

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