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Iglesia Ni Cristo believes that spirit of their God dwells in modern house of worships.
Directly contradicting the bible verse Acts 17:24 ... dwelleth not in temples made with hands

These are the facts that even fanatic loyal INC members cannot deny

Iglesia Ni Cristo denies the deity of the Jesus Christ
Iglesia Ni Cristo founder Felix Manalo was accused of raping Rosita Trillanes
Iglesia Ni Cristo intervenes in Philippine politics
Iglesia Ni Cristo believes that the spirit of "their" God dwells in their Houses of Worships
(I cannot fathom on how the INC god would dwell in a former Catholic Chapel)
Iglesia Ni Cristo members were hurt and died in trying to unseat the Philippine president during EDSA 3
Iglesia Ni Cristo is an ardent supporter of the Philippines' Most Corrupt president, Gloria Arroyo
Iglesia Ni Cristo beat up Pentecostal members during debate
Iglesia Ni Cristo loves to buy expensive properties while their members live in poverty in the Philippines

Iglesia Ni Cristo and the religious dynasty of the Manalo family

Manila, Philippines - Iglesia Ni Cristo is ruthless in attacking other religion who are against their religious beliefs. INC members even beat up Pentecostal believers during a debate. Iglesia Ni Cristo believes that only INC members (mostly Filipinos) will be saved and enjoy heaven. All the rest of the world will burn in hell. (It includes the parents of INC founder Felix Manalo since they are Catholics)

I think it is absurd to claim that mostly Filipinos and INC members only will go to heaven. INC is well known to intervene Philippine politics. Iglesia Ni Cristo have even failed in overthrowing a Philippine president during the violent EDSA 3. INC members died in a useless political self-serving intention of the INC political group. Iglesia Ni Cristo have a long list of failed political endorsements proving that the INC membership is declining all over the world.

With less than 2 million membership (mostly poor Filipinos) all over the world and a very few local membership (around 20) in La Motte, Iowa; it remains highly doubtful on how Iglesia Ni Cristo will be able to buy an expensive property/chapel without violating any moral and spiritual reasoning.

Iglesia Ni Cristo is also involved in government appointments aside from endorsing politicians during elections. It is widely believed that INC endorses politicians according to surveys and winnability factors since no clear moral standard has been set by INC in picking Filipino politicians. Iglesia Ni Cristo is an ardent supporter of the Philippines' Most Corrupt President, Gloria Arroyo. Recently, an INC member government official has been asked to take leave because of corruption charges.

The debating skills of Iglesia Ni Cristo leaders and ministers are also questionable. INC executive ministers Felix Manalo, Erano Manalo and Eduardo Manalo are cowards to show their faces in proving their faith and just delegates the debating tasks to their lower-ranking ministers. Catholic defender Karl Keating had a bad experience in debating with Iglesia Ni Cristo which he detailed in his post here.

I have relatives who are Iglesia Ni Cristo members and I don't find their attitudes towards other people admirable. I cannot find the Christian way of living among INC members. Iglesia Ni Cristo allows their members to smoke cigarettes and drink beers and other alcoholic liquors. Iglesia Ni Cristo, vices, politics; all ingredients for a typical cult originated from a third world country.

I advice everyone not to join the cult of Iglesia Ni Cristo. By joining the "church" of the Manalo family, Iglesia Ni Cristo will dictate you the politicians to vote during elections, effectively killing your right and freedom to exercise your democratic will of voting the people you want. The weird doctrines of Iglesia Ni Cristo will not even give you assurance that heaven is happy on the existence of the Iglesia Ni Cristo cult.

Iglesia Ni Cristo with expensive churches but poor and struggling members
Iglesia Ni Cristo with expensive churches but poor and struggling members

Religious group eyes La Motte:
Iglesia ni Cristo plans to buy the building that once housed Holy Rosary Church.

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Iglesia Ni Cristo

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